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Submitted by john.warren on January 7, 2020


Hello, my name is Ken Burrell, and I'm the product owner of our advisor digital status and messaging area. We've been working on the new Status page, and I'm excited to show you some of the recent enhancements we've made. Our ultimate goal was to save you time by providing transparent insight and tracking on the requests that you've submitted to Schwab.

We've designed the new Status page to help you answer four fundamental questions you typically are calling about when you reach out to Schwab.

'Did you get it?' When your request is submitted to us, no matter the source, once it hits our operational processing system it will appear on the Status page as New. This is our acknowledgement that we've received your request and it has been received.

'Are you working on it?' Due to the way we've integrated our status experience with our backend systems, we know the exact moment when actual processing begins and the system will reflect that as in-process. In many cases, we will also provide you with supplemental details about the processing state, for example, the item under review, or anything else we should share while processing.

'How do I fix any issues?' If you've submitted a request, and as often can happen there is missing info or a supporting document that is required, we'll let you know by highlighting the request and displaying the status as Action Required. In addition, we've designed the experience such that in most cases you can perform the actual action needed all from within the status experience without having to leave the page.

And, finally, 'Is it done?' What would status be without letting you know if your transaction is complete? Once your request is completed, it will display as resolved and sent along with essential details for the transaction, such as new account number, or in the case of a wire, a Fed reference number.

Let's take a look at the experience.

The Status page is your best bet and is the absolute best place to obtain status and take actions on any of your submitted requests. Simply go to the Status page on the Activity tab, the best practice is to put the master account in context, all of your requests that you've submitted over the last 90 days will show up on the page, sorted by when it was last updated. As you can see in the case of this example, we had an account open transaction that has an Action Needed state, and there are actually some trust account supporting documents that weren't received. The great thing about this page, we've added features that will allow you to sort, filter, and dynamically go through and find the request that you're looking for with ease.

So in the case of our example, where we have an Action Needed, a trust account, what you would do was click in to view the details and get all the information about the request here. You could actually see the status history, you could see when it was submitted to us, when it was began to be processed, and then at this point, we have an Action Needed, where it looks like we are missing the original trust title and signature pages. 

In this situation what you would do is click Update Request. This is a scenario where all you have to do is type a message in the field here, or if you have documents that are required, like in the case of this example, you simply drag and drop those documents from your desktop over to the documents area. Click Update and you will see the actual request has been immediately updated and it's in-process. And the great thing about this is once you click Update and submit that it's actually going to go from pending in our operational systems back to in-process all automatically, and our operational staff will actually know that you've submitted this document and they can continue processing.

Again, one of the really great features about the Status page is our ability to dynamically search and filter through all the various requests that you have on your page. As you begin typing in these fields, you will automatically be able to filter those requests and get to the exact request you're looking for by typing any field, such as the account number, the name on the account, or even the state of the request at that time.

And here you can see, our request has been resolved, it's done, and you can see the history of that. And, again, you see the account number here with all the details available. Your request, submitted at your fingertips, no need to call. So, again, if you have questions about the status of your request, your best bet is to go to the Activity tab on the Status page.

All right, with that, thank you very much.

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