What's New: eAuthorization

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Clients can now eAuthorize a mutual fund transfer of assets

We have enhanced both the digital onboarding and account maintenance mutual fund transfer of assets (TOA) workflows. Now when you initiate a TOA with either tool, your clients will be able to securely eAuthorize the transaction with a few clicks or taps on their desktop or mobile device.

Previously, TOAs for mutual funds were not available with digital onboarding and required a printed form with a wet signature within the account maintenance digital workflow. With this enhancement, nearly 90% of all transactions that advisors initiate for their clients are compatible with Schwab's fastest, most secure approval option.

We encourage you to take advantage of this feature to give your clients a better TOA experience whenever such transfers are required.

April 2023 (0423-3V78)

Use eAuthorization for fast, secure approvals of move money requests

When you move client money, two things matter most: security and convenience. eAuthorization is the fastest and safest way for your clients to approve the cash journals, wires, or checks that you initiate from Schwab Advisor Center.

The digital workflow validates data so you can avoid errors and delays, and it gives your client a smooth, secure approval experience through Schwab Alliance.

Download the new eAuthorization quick guide to see how it works and to get tips for you and your clients. You can also register for a biweekly webcast with our product experts to see a demo and ask your questions live.

June 2022 (0622-2NSK)