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Schwab Advisor Center® has digital tools and resources to help you onboard new relationships, support your clients, and scale your business. Below you can learn about the latest enhancements and resources, or explore recent updates by clicking on a topic.

iRebal now available to existing users; phased rollout to more firms begins in Q4

We are very pleased to announce that iRebal is now integrated into Schwab Advisor Center and available for use by firms that formerly used it on Veo One®. Advisors who previously managed accounts on both Veo One and Schwab Advisor Center can now use iRebal with all of their accounts—not just those that were previously on the TD Ameritrade platform.

iRebal is Schwab's premier rebalancing platform, designed to seamlessly integrate into your firm's workflows and shorten manual rebalancing efforts from weeks to hours. It is a customizable, rule-based program that uses real-time balances and positions to offer you more effective portfolio management. It includes tools to handle tax-efficient rebalancing, dynamic cash management, tax-loss harvesting, and more—all through an intuitive interface. iRebal is free for all accounts custodied with Schwab. And because iRebal is seamlessly integrated into Schwab Advisor Center, implementation is a breeze.

We know that there's a great deal of excitement among advisors who have not previously had access to this platform. We will start the phased rollout of iRebal in Q4; in the meantime, please express your interest and provide us with some important details about your firm's rebalancing needs by completing our iRebal interest survey today.

We are taking a phased approach to ensure a seamless onboarding experience for each firm. The feedback you provide in this survey will help us determine the optimal timing for onboarding each firm that has expressed interest. As a result, we are unable to provide a specific date when your firm will have access.

We thank you for your patience and will continue to communicate our progress throughout the rollout.

September 2023 (0-3FWM)

iRebal® is a technology offering of Schwab. Rebalancing does not protect against losses or guarantee that an investor's goals will be met. Market volatility, volume and system availability may delay account access and trade executions.

New trading alerts keep you up-to-date on your orders

We have created a number of new trading alerts that keep you informed about the progress of your orders without the need to stay glued to your trading screen. With this enhancement, you can use the Alerts page as a dashboard to monitor all of your activities across Schwab Advisor Center's many tools—including trading.

These new alert types include:

  • Block Execution of master account limit orders
  • Options Assignment, Options Exercise, and Options Expiration list the accounts affected by these actions
  • Anytime an account limit order is executed, you will receive an Order Filled alert
  • Whenever your master and account level good till canceled/good till date has an Expired Order (coming soon)
  • If you have any unallocated block trades in a master account, you will receive an automated Unallocated Trade alert, replacing the manual alerts previously sent by the trading desk

You don't need to take any action—all traders are automatically enrolled in these alerts. If you wish to make changes to your alert subscriptions, please visit the Settings page.

September 2023 (0-3FWM)

Automatic mutual fund investing made easy

We have launched the new Mutual Fund Automatic Investment Plan digital experience on Schwab Advisor Center, delivering a modern approach to managing dollar-cost averaging for mutual funds. The platform provides a fully digital experience, eliminating the need for a paper application, verbal instructions, and service requests to enroll or make changes to your clients’ systematic investing or redemption needs. The new feature delivers:

  • A streamlined digital approach to establishing new or to change current instructions—eliminating paper
  • New investment frequencies
  • An easy way for investors to establish sell-side transactions and date flexibility
  • Support for systematic redemptions
  • A reduced transaction fee of $10 or a maximum of 8.5% of principal for mutual funds on the Reduced Transaction Fee list

No Transaction Fee funds will continue to have no commission fee for trades executed through the Mutual Fund Automatic Investment Plan platform.

Dollar-cost averaging instructions have automatically converted to the Mutual Fund Automatic Investment Plan platform, so no action on your part is required. For more information, please visit the Trading page on Schwab Advisor Center and select Automatic MF Investment from the menu or click here for an overview of the platform.

May 2023 (0523-3W3X)

For institutional use only—not for further distribution.
This material may not be forwarded or made available, in whole or in part, to any party who is not a financial professional.
Periodic investment plans (dollar-cost-averaging) do not ensure a profit and do not protect against loss in declining markets.
Please see the pricing guide for additional information.
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Capital call payments just got easier

We are pleased to announce that an update to the Alternative Investment Letter of Authorization form (APP47122AS) now allows your clients to authorize the entire capital call commitment up front.

With a single authorization, Schwab can now take action whenever the issuer requests a capital call payment, without the need to reach out for each authorization, streamlining the experience for you and your clients.

We hope that these and future improvements to Schwab Advisor Center make conducting business on behalf of your clients and firm even better. If you have any questions about this change, please contact the Advisor Services Alternative Investment Team at (877) 523-1598.

May 2023 (0523-3R4H)

Improve your trading strategies with the Post Trade Execution Quality Report

When it comes to placing orders for equities and ETF's, we know that price, liquidity, and speed are all vital. That's why we're introducing the new Post Trade Execution Quality Report, designed to help you evaluate and improve your order executions.

The report:

  • Measures the quality of your executions at Schwab on a quarterly basis
  • Gives you high-level insights into price improvement, how liquidity is sourced, and the speed of execution
  • Provides a detailed look into individual orders

We invite you to contact the trading desk to discuss your report. Our experts can help you identify order types that in the future could benefit from leveraging the Trading Team's expertise, along with their high-touch institutional trading tools.

With this report, you'll learn how to improve your trading strategies and reduce the implicit costs associated with placing trades. To receive this quarterly report, submit a service request on Schwab Advisor Center (topic: Equity Post Execution; subtopic: Post Trade Execution Quality Report).

April 2023 (0423-3V78)

Orders stay active longer after an increase to GTC expiration time limit

We are pleased to announce that the good-till-canceled (GTC) expiration time limit for all new stock orders has increased from 60 days to 180 days, allowing orders to stay active longer and reducing the need to reenter them after expiration.

GTC orders are automatically canceled at market close on the selected date or, if the selected date falls on a weekend or holiday, on the last day the market is open. All existing GTC orders will still expire at 60 days and must be reentered to leverage the new 180-day limit.

We hope that these and future improvements to Schwab Advisor Center will make conducting business on behalf of your clients and firm even better. If you have any questions about this change or another trading-related matter, please contact the trading desk.

February 2023 (0223-34F3)

New Argus and CFRA reports available on the Stock Summary page

To enhance the variety of sources available to advisors on the Research tab, we have added reports from Argus and CFRA to the Stock Summary page. These high-quality analyses from leading firms facilitate making important choices when trading for your clients' accounts.     

  • The Argus Options report gives you access to economic forecasts and analyses that are designed to help you evaluate options investments. 
  • The CFRA Quantitative Report provides a broad array of fundamental, quantitative, and technical data to help identify potential investment opportunities.

To access either of these reports navigate to the Research tab and scroll down to the Ratings panel on the Stock Summary page.  
October 2022 (1022-2DCM)

Round off your investment research with new ESG ratings from MSCI

Why not look at all the information? Now in addition to using traditional methods to analyze stocks, you can expand your lens to evaluate a company's management of financially relevant environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. 

To bring you these new insights, we selected the rating system from MSCI, which has more than 40 years of experience measuring and modeling ESG performance:

  • ESG ratings of 8,500 companies (14,000 issuers, including subsidiaries) and more than 680,000 equity and fixed income securities globally1
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing
  • Strong team of 200+ analysts

Explore the MSCI ESG Ratings on the Stock Summary page and see how your favorite companies perform relative to their peers.

1. Source MSCI ESG Research, November 2020 

July 2022 (0722-2BEM)

Over 130 T. Rowe Price funds now available with no transaction fees

Advisors can now purchase over 130 of T. Rowe Price's lowest-cost, actively managed institutional share class funds on Schwab Advisor Center without transaction fees.

Now more than ever, clients look to you to provide more personalized guidance and investment strategies to achieve their financial goals. Offering T. Rowe Price institutional share classes with no transaction fees can make it easier for you to construct portfolios at a lower cost, so you can put more of your clients' money to work to deliver greater value. These funds span 65 Morningstar categories, which gives you the flexibility to customize portfolios based on a client's time horizon, risk tolerance, and more.

Go to the Research tab of Schwab Advisor Center to view all the mutual funds that are available without a transaction fee.

February 2022 (0222-2WUB)

Questions about options strategies? The Trading Strategy Desk can help

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and the knowledge to help your clients pursue their investing goals. Whether you are looking for alternate ways to protect positions, potentially generate portfolio income, or mitigate risk in concentrated holdings with options strategies, our strategists can help.

Our free service also includes:

Learn more >

February 2022 (0222-23EM)

Institutional Intelligent Portfolios is now on Schwab Mobile

To bring you and your clients the most secure and advanced mobile technology Schwab offers, we recently integrated the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios mobile experience with Schwab Mobile.1

The new experience on Schwab Mobile is customized for your clients who have  Institutional Intelligent Portfolios accounts and features an improved, made-for-mobile interface. Your firm’s branding and contact information are prominent, with a new Contact Your Advisor screen, and clients can now access their Institutional Intelligent Portfolios accounts and traditional Schwab accounts all in one place. Client logins remain the same.

We plan to retire the standalone Institutional Intelligent Portfolios app mid-October. Clients who still use the standalone app will see a message encouraging them to download and use Schwab Mobile. 

This change affects only the mobile experience; the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios website experience that you and your clients know and trust will remain unchanged. The mobile app migration will have no impact on the website-based investor onboarding experience.

For details about the improved Institutional Intelligent Portfolios mobile experience, please view our app migration FAQ.

October 2021 (1021-1K1T)


1. Requires a wireless signal or mobile connection. System availability and response times are subject to market conditions and mobile connection limitations. Functionality may vary by operating system and device.

August 2023 (0823-3897)