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Important changes to the DocuSign experience, including client authentication

Beginning the second week of August 2023, the following changes to DocuSign® will be implemented.

Text-based authentication must be combined with knowledge-based authentication.

As we announced earlier this year, we are fully reinstating the pairing of text-based (SMS) authentication with knowledge-based authentication (KBA) for envelopes created through the Schwab Advisor Center DocuSign workflow or the DocuSign console and removing the ability to override this requirement. This change is necessary to maintain our strong security standards and to protect firms and clients from active fraud attempts specifically targeting SMS-based authentication for DocuSign approvals.

Remember that when you use the DocuSign workflow on Schwab Advisor Center, you can choose to have clients authenticate quickly and easily using their Schwab Alliance credentials, with no other verification method required. Envelopes created through the DocuSign console do not offer the Schwab Alliance option, so clients must authenticate using the combined SMS/KBA verification methods.

Envelopes can include both advisor documents and Schwab forms.

Envelopes created with either the Schwab Advisor Center DocuSign workflow or the DocuSign console can include advisor documents, but only the Schwab forms will be processed when received by Schwab. Note that including these documents together may increase processing times and that envelopes must remain under the 25 MB size limit.

There is no need to add templates to DocuSign console envelopes.

Previously, envelopes created through the DocuSign console required the inclusion of a Schwab Non-Template Envelope To Process template. Going forward console-created envelopes containing at least one Schwab form will be processed without the need to add this template before submission. We will retain the Schwab Non-Template Envelope To Process template for envelopes to be sent to Schwab that contain custom forms, forms that have been scanned, or alternative investment forms.

Our interactive guide has been updated with information about these new enhancements, including a step-by-step walk-through of a client's experience when using Schwab Alliance or SMS/KBA authentication to verify their identity during the approval process.

Reminder: Don't miss the chance to learn more about the DocuSign experience and other digital tools at the virtual SOLUTIONS event August 15-16.

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August 2023 (0823-3897)

Easy-to-complete templates for popular Schwab forms, full access to the DocuSign console, and more

Recently, we launched a completely new DocuSign® experience on Schwab Advisor Center.

If you have used DocuSign on other platforms, you will find the new workflow to be similar to those. You now have full access to the DocuSign console, as well as to 80+ templated Schwab forms that prefill and pretag based on Schwab data.

We have created an interactive guide that walks you through the process for both you and your clients. We invite you to attend one of our upcoming webcasts to learn more about the new changes. 

In addition, below you'll find some of the most important things to keep in mind before you get started.

  1. Before you use the new workflow, you must create new DocuSign credentials, even if you have existing Schwab DocuSign credentials or credentials for other instances of DocuSign outside of Schwab Advisor Center.
  2. There are now two options for creating digital envelopes with DocuSign on Schwab Advisor Center: 
    • Through the Schwab Advisor Center workflow, which leverages 80+ templated Schwab forms that prefill and pretag data
    • By completing PDF forms yourself and creating the digital envelope directly from the DocuSign console
  3. Your client will be asked to verify their identity before approving the documents. You have two choices for authentication:
    • They can verify their identity via text-based SMS message with a code they must input to proceed.
    • You can opt to have them pass a knowledge-based authentication method where they are asked to answer three questions about themselves, in addition to the SMS verification outlined above.

While Schwab's digital onboarding tools are still the best, fastest, and most secure way to open accounts at Schwab, we hope those who rely on DocuSign for their firm's workflows will enjoy the new, feature-rich experience.

October 2022 (1022-2DCM)

August 2023 (0823-3897)