Digital Journey: Move Money

Submitted by elizabeth.gaston on November 5, 2018


Jalina Kerr, SVP of Integrated Solutions, Schwab Advisor Services

Grow and scale your business

The financial services industry is in a period of exciting growth and change. And many advisors are focused on finding ways to grow and scale their practices. Technology is probably the single most powerful tool that can help you do this.

Start with Move Money

Moving from paper to digital is a big change—we recognize that—and it’s a learning process for all. To make it easier, it can be helpful to start in just one area and build on that success. That’s why we recommend advisors start with Move Money eApproval. When I talk to advisors about eApprovals, they get really excited—it’s a simple, intuitive process for clients to be able to click and be done.  And that’s why it’s a great place to start.  

Manage your most common transactions faster

We recently expanded this feature to checks and journals, so you can handle your clients’ most frequent and important transactions. These tools are the fastest, most convenient, and by far and away most secure way to manage these transactions. And it allows your clients to approve them on their mobile devices within seconds.

We realize many clients still give you paper checks. So we’ve developed a feature that allows you to scan and deposit checks directly into your clients’ accounts. So give it a try.

Your input shapes our focus

We look forward to taking this digital journey together. As always, keep sharing your feedback. It helps us shape our strategy and our services.

Our technology investments put your clients first – a message from Jalina Kerr, SVP of Integrated Solutions, Schwab Advisor Services.

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