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Clients can now create custom account groups in Schwab Alliance

Your clients with Schwab Alliance website access can now create up to 25 custom account groups in the Client Summary view.

This makes it much easier for clients who have a variety of accounts with different registration types—for example, corporate and trust accounts—to view them as they prefer.

To access this upgrade, clients click the “gear” icon on the Accounts Summary view. They can then add, remove, rename, and sort groups, as well as add or remove accounts from any group they have created.

This new functionality is part of our ongoing effort to make it easier for your clients to keep up with their important account information. If clients have any questions about this or other Schwab Alliance website functionality, please encourage them to contact their Alliance service team.

January 2019 (0119-8V33)

New enhancements make it easier for clients to reset passwords and use two-step verification

We have begun introducing two new security enhancements that let your clients access their Schwab Alliance accounts more easily and securely.

  • A new feature in the Schwab Mobile app lets clients who have enrolled in two-step verification and verified their mobile devices access the authentication codes they use to log in to Schwab Alliance from within the Login Settings section of the app.
  • A new feature on the Schwab Alliance login page allows clients who have forgotten their passwords to reset them without contacting their service team.

Each of these enhancements will be gradually rolled out to all eligible clients over the next several months. If clients have any questions about these or other features, please encourage them to contact their Schwab Alliance service team.

December 2018 (1218-8FPD)

A more modern design and a number of enhancements

We have recently updated the look and feel of the Schwab Advisor Center Mobile app, and made a number of changes to make it easier for you to keep up-to-date with your clients’ accounts when you’re on the go.

In addition to the more modern look of the app, you’ll also find the following enhancements in the latest version:

  • You will remain signed in when you switch to another app, so we have removed the Multitasking setting.
  • Display includes more detail about bank sweep accounts.
  • Account search display and navigation have been improved, along with a more modern look of the app.

You’ll find the latest version of the app on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

December 2018 (1218-8FPD)

Year-end reminders for charitable giving

Make it easy for clients to navigate their options for making charitable contributions before year-end. Refer to our Schwab Charitable™ 2018 deadlines to ensure that contributions and grant recommendations are received in time for processing, as deadlines and procedures vary by asset type.

Here are few things to keep in mind:

  • Remember that contributions of appreciated non-cash assets held for a year or more may be the most tax-advantaged way to give.
  • Clients qualify for a tax deduction if they itemize, and they can potentially eliminate capital gains tax on the sale of their asset, leaving up to 20% more to give to charity.

For Schwab Charitable donor-advised fund accounts:

  • Log in to Schwab Charitable Center to view and manage charitable accounts, including recommending grants, researching charities, rebalancing investments, and more.
  • Visit Forms and Applications to open or contribute to a Schwab Charitable account or transfer of assets from outside Schwab accounts.

For additional tools and resources to help simplify your year-end giving experience, visit the Schwab Charitable giving hub.

October 2018 (1018-8TGE)

All clients will be defaulted to the new view by the end of year

Over the next several weeks, we will gradually switch all of your clients over to the new Schwab Alliance summary page that we introduced last year. This enhanced view offers a complete, customizable view of all of their accounts in one place.

We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users on the benefits of this enhanced view. Notable features include:

  • A new personal value chart featuring historical values
  • Easy customization of account views
  • No more need to toggle between pages to view account summary and positions
  • Order and nickname accounts with no navigation required
  • Personalized market news and information, all in one place, and the ability to monitor positions and obtain the latest financial news. Note, this feature will not apply if you have the Limited access view for your clients (learn more about customizing views).

The new summary page will be introduced in a phased approach as the landing page for all clients. If clients choose, they will still be able to view the classic summary page.

August 2018 (0918-82KD)

Clients can now generate Balance Letters on demand

Your clients can now create Balance Letters—previously known as Verification of Deposit Letters--within Schwab Alliance.

In the past, you or your client could get these letters only by calling Schwab and waiting for a paper version to be mailed. Now, clients can use this new functionality to download a PDF file that they can immediately email or print.

June 2018 (0618-8O18)

New options for two-factor authentication and accessing statements

Schwab Alliance will offer more options for clients to make their accounts more secure, and to keep up-to-date with important information.

Soon, your clients will be able to enroll themselves in two-factor authentication by visiting the Security Center on the Schwab Alliance website. They will be asked to download and activate an app. After setup, each time the client logs in to the website, they will be asked to enter an automatically generated security code. This feature enhances the security of their Schwab login ID and password.

In addition, beginning in March your clients will be able to download and email statements from their mobile devices, making it more convenient than ever for them to find the information they need.

February 2018 (0218-8T9W)

Streamlined security and adding external accounts in Schwab Alliance

While protecting your clients against online security is paramount, making it easy for them to access their account easily is equally critical. This is why we're streamlining the process.

Starting September 8, when clients enroll for web access by going directly to Schwab Alliance, they can choose to verify their identity via a phone call or text message, rather than by answering questions about their account.

Later this year, if a client attempts to log in to Schwab Alliance using a device that we do not recognize, we'll require two-factor authentication. Under this process, the client will receive a unique, time-sensitive code that they can opt to receive via email, phone call or text message.

We're also adding Account Aggregation, which allows your clients to add and view external non-Schwab accounts using the Schwab Alliance Summary. If your client makes this request, we will send additional information (review a sample) that explains it in detail.

September 2017 (0917-71US)

View Only access is a more secure option for third-party professionals

As part of our commitment to your clients' security, we encourage advisors to help clients eliminate duplicate account statements by providing View Only access to tax preparers and other professionals.

Reducing paper-based statements containing vital client data is important to improving data security. And, with the ability to grant electronic access, it's never been easier to help clients provide others, both Schwab clients and non-clients, with the information they need.

In this video, find step-by-step instructions for establishing View Only access to accounts owned by one or more clients: from initiating the process on Schwab Advisor Center to examples of notifications your clients and viewers receive.

If you have questions, please contact your service team.

March 2017 (0317-VVV0)

Help clients add third-party viewers to their accounts—now with improved status and other enhancements

We've made new enhancements to the fully electronic process for helping your clients provide View Only account access to third parties. This means tax preparers and other professionals, even those who are not Schwab clients, can get the access they need.

Recent enhancements include the ability to use nicknames to help the viewer identify accounts, as well as more detailed status on the Profiles page to help you track the enrollment.

In this video, you'll find step-by-step instructions for providing this access for accounts owned by one or more clients, from initiating the process on Schwab Advisor Center to the notifications your clients and the new viewers will receive.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your service team.

December 2016 (1216-RCLP)

Help clients add third-party viewers to their accounts

Now, you can use a fully electronic process to help your clients approve new individuals, such as attorneys or accountants, for view only access to their accounts. And for the first time, these new viewers are not required to be existing Schwab clients.

In this video, you'll find step-by-step instructions for providing this access for accounts owned by one or more clients, from initiating the process on Schwab Advisor Center to the notifications your clients and the new viewers will receive.

This enhancement addresses one of clients' and advisors' most frequent requests and should make it easier for tax preparers and other professionals to access the information they need. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your service team.

July 2016 (0616-HDRF)

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