Cybersecurity and Fraud

Best practices to defend against cyber threats

With cyber threats on the rise, your clients trust you to protect their personal data. Schwab’s Adam Moseley introduces a five-step approach to help you build, strengthen and maintain your firm’s cybersecurity program.

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February 2019 (0219-9520)

Be aware of the possible signs of a client imposter

Identity theft continues to be a common type of fraud in the U.S. But you can help protect your clients by staying aware and taking extra precautions to verify their identities.

Review the red flags.

February 2019 (0219-9520)

Add two-factor authentication to enhance security

Two-factor authentication adds a layer of security to your Schwab Advisor Center® login ID and password, helping to safeguard your account, even if your standard login credentials are compromised.

Some Schwab Advisor Center users who do not currently have two-factor authentication activated for their accounts may have seen a new notification upon login informing them that they can now add this feature to their accounts without assistance from their firm’s security administrator. While two-factor authentication is currently required only for users who have trading authority, we strongly recommend that all users update their account logins to take advantage of the added security of this feature.

Users who see this notification can choose to add a device immediately or elect to be reminded at a later time. If you have questions, please consult your service team.

June 2018 (0518-85BR)

Be aware: fraud schemes targeting your clients

Lately, we’ve seen an increase in fraud schemes related to the sale and purchase of real estate. Please remind your clients to never trust closing information or transaction instructions received via email, even if it looks legitimate. Recommend that clients call or video chat with a trusted party using a verified phone number to confirm instructions.

We also have a few new resources to help you and your clients defend against fraud:

March 2018 (0318-8DH6)