Track more request types and easily add required documents with the redesigned Status page

We’ve updated the Status page on the Activity tab in Schwab Advisor Center® to make it easier for you to get a comprehensive view of your important move money and account maintenance requests, and to let you add important documents requests you’ve submitted.

Enhancements to the Status page include:

  • In addition to wires, now you can view the progress of check, journal, and MoneyLink requests.
  • We’ve expanded the range of account maintenance transactions you can view to include a variety of cost basis-related requests, as well as SLOA setups.
  • Now, you can add important documents to your in-progress requests, even after they have been submitted for processing.
  • Enhanced search and filter options make it easier to find specific requests quickly and easily.
  • In addition, we are making upgrades within our internal document routing systems at Schwab that will allow us to identify forms and automate the process of creating work requests.

Our enhanced electronic workflows and Service Request tools are the best, most secure, most error-free tools for submitting documents and requests to Schwab. We will add other requests and transaction types to the new Activity tab over the coming months. The best way to stay up-to-date with these enhancements is through the What’s New page.

August 2019 (0819-9ESJ)

Check your preferences to ensure you are receiving alerts on your clients’ accounts

The Alerts tab in Schwab Advisor Center® is an important way we communicate with you regarding your clients’ accounts. If you are not already subscribed to receive Schwab Advisor Center alerts, contact your Firm Security Administrator to arrange set up.

If you are already subscribed, you can customize the type of alerts you receive, how you receive the alerts (website or email), and how frequently you receive them. To set these preferences, click “Customize” in the upper-right corner of the Alerts tabs to view your preferences.

Taking the time to customize your Schwab Advisor Center alerts will help you stay updated on the important information you need to know regarding your clients’ accounts and our platform.

June 2019 (0619-973F)

Now receive copies of alerts for linked master accounts

We have expanded the number of alerts that TAMPs and outside agents can receive through Schwab Advisor Center®, making it easier for these firms to stay informed of important events affecting master accounts they serve.

In addition to the alerts that were already available to these firms, we have added 26 key alert types, which will trigger when one of their linked master accounts experiences an important change.

For example, these alerts will trigger when an account restriction has been lifted, indicating it can now be funded. Another will occur should an account have insufficient funds available, helping them take action to ensure accounts don’t go into margin status.

If you would like to receive alerts for these linked master accounts, please subscribe to the appropriate alert types and use the “current copied alerts” checkbox in the filter options on the Alerts page. Please note that they will only appear on the website, and will not be available via email.

For a complete list of compatible alerts, please consult the Service Guide .

May 2019 (0519-9S1M)

The new Activity tab replaces and expands the information available in the previous Status tab

We've replaced the Status tab in Schwab Advisor Center® with a new updated tab titled Activity. This change helps us provide greater insight into the important requests you are working on with Schwab. The new Activity tab will:

  • Feature the new Status page, which will provide consolidated information on your firm's open account maintenance, cost basis, and wire transfers.
  • Provide a detailed history on the Status page that helps you see how each request is progressing.
  • Allow you to send a message to your service team directly from the Status page.
  • Continue to let you access information on your firm's Service Requests, Account Open and TOA requests.

We will add other requests and transaction types to the new Activity tab over the coming months. The best way to stay up-to-date with these enhancements is through the What’s New page.

December 2018 (1218-8FPD)

Coming soon: Enhance client data security with duplicate statement alerts

As part of our commitment to your clients' security, you can now subscribe to receive a new monthly alert that lists all your client accounts that are receiving duplicate paper statements. You’ll find these under the Alerts tab.

It's important to review this list regularly, to validate that the recipients listed should continue to receive statements, and that their addresses and other information is up-to-date.

We also encourage you to consider replacing paper-based statements with convenient, secure electronic View Only access, to ensure that accountants, spouses, and other authorized viewers can get the information they need.

In this video, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for establishing View Only access to accounts owned by one or more clients, and you’ll receive guidance on initiating the process in Schwab Advisor Center®, as well as examples of notifications that your clients and viewers receive.

June 2018 (0618-8O18)

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