Overview: Integration capabilities

Our broad, deep integration strategy helps to connect our platform with many leading third-party systems. Through these high-quality, secure integrations, you get streamlined access to important digital tools — for everything from opening accounts to initiating client transactions— as well as real-time custody data, from within the interfaces you use every day.

Use these resources to get an overview of our capabilities, and scroll down to see the latest enhancements.

June 2019 (0619-973F)

Wealthbox joins more than 80 providers working with Schwab

Wealthbox, a modern CRM platform for financial advisors, has been added as a strategic API integration provider and will begin building their integration with Schwab.

Once available, their integration will allow advisors to see financial account details, positions, and transactions from accounts held at Schwab, all summarized on the contact record page in Wealthbox.

This is another example of how we’ve broadened our integration across the tech community, with more than 80 strategic providers who offer direct integration with Schwab Advisor Center®. Other recent announcements include an expanded single sign-on program with providers, including 55ip, AdvicePay, Sapphire Software Services, and YCharts. Our continued expansion is focused on giving you the ability to work in the systems you prefer to provide the scale, efficiency and security you need to run your business.

February 2020 (0220-0G32)

New providers offer single sign-on integration to Schwab Advisor Center

The first wave of third-party technology providers who will provide new, secure single-sign on (SSO) integration to Schwab Advisor Center includes OS33, AdvicePay, Sapphire Software Services, and YCharts. The second wave of third-party providers who are building SSO integration with Schwab Advisor Center include: UNAPEN, Stratifi, LifeYield®, Kwanti, Totum Risk, and 55ip.

Advisors will benefit from a direct connection from these third-party systems into Schwab Advisor Center without a separate login, as well as seamless navigation to specific Schwab Advisor Center pages.

This solution is another example of Schwab’s broad and deep integration strategy to provide advisors with solutions that help them get the most from their platforms.

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December 2019 (1219-9F2V)

Deep integration with Advyzon includes digital account open and single sign-on

Advyzon, an all-in-one cloud-based financial advisor technology platform that includes performance reporting and CRM, has now completed their deep integration with Schwab Advisor Center®. Now, in addition to daily data file downloads, advisors who use the Advyzon platform can seamlessly conduct the following workflows between Schwab and Advyzon:

  • Initiate Schwab’s new digital account open workflow by passing your client data from Advyzon to Schwab Advisor Center in just a few clicks
  • Display real-time positions and balances on Schwab accounts within Advyzon
  • One-click access from Advyzon directly to Schwab Advisor Center firm and to account-level Alerts and Research
  • Digitally submit management fees to Schwab Advisor Center
  • End-client access to Schwab monthly statements and tax documents within the Advyzon client portal

This deep integration with Advyzon is an example of how we are investing in maximizing your choice and efficiency in the technology you choose to run your firm.

For more information on third-party integration, visit Schwab Intelligent Technologies®.

August 2019 (0819-9ESJ)

Try new digital account open workflow from Schwab Advisor Center® or third-party technologies

Our new digital account open tool helps you open accounts for your clients in less than 10 minutes, using a completely digital workflow that reduces errors and not- in-good-order delays. You can access the tool from the Forms and Applications Page on Schwab Advisor Center® or one of these third-party providers using our deep integration to help streamline your workflows.

With this integration, you can:

  • Use contact information from your third-party system to populate the new account workflow, including prospect data
  • Securely sign in automatically to complete account open
  • Check status and alerts in the system you prefer

We’ll keep you updated on new enhancements and integrations. To get started with the new tool, visit the Resource page.

July 2019 (0719-9U2T)

Connecting more providers and workflows with Schwab

We’re committed to continually expanding our depth and breadth of integration capabilities, adding three vendors to our OpenView Gateway® program that will begin building integration with Schwab.

  • Advyzon – an intuitive, cloud-based platform that includes performance reporting, CRM, planning, client portal, and more.
  • Agreement Express – an onboarding automation platform for wealth management, financial services, and payments.
  • AdvisorEngine – an end-to-end client relationship and digital investment platform.

We’re also piloting a digital account open process for our custodial and third-party integration platforms, starting with Tamarac and Orion. This new workflow lets you initiate the account open process using Schwab Advisor Center® or your third-party systems, prepopulate account applications with existing client information, and send to your client for eApproval. Digital account open will be available in 2019 for Schwab One®, IRA, Schwab Charitable™, and Institutional Intelligent Portfolios® accounts and will continue to expand.

For more information on third-party integration, visit Schwab Intelligent Technologies®.

December (1218-8FPD)