What's New: Integration

Schwab Advisor Center® has digital tools and resources to help you onboard new relationships, support your clients, and scale your business. Below you can learn about the latest enhancements and resources, or explore recent updates by clicking on a topic.


Our broad, deep integration strategy helps connect our platform with many leading third-party systems. Through these secure high-quality integrations, you get streamlined access to important digital tools—for everything from opening accounts to initiating client transactions—as well as real-time custody data from within the interfaces you use every day.

Use these resources to get an overview of our capabilities; continue scrolling to see the latest enhancements.

July 2021 (0621-1XF4)

The mention of third-party firms is not, and should not be construed as, a recommendation, endorsement, or sponsorship by Schwab. These firms are not affiliated with or employees of Schwab. The Schwab OpenView Gateway® program is sponsored by Schwab Intelligent Technologies®. Schwab OpenView Gateway providers are independent companies that are not affiliated with Schwab Intelligent Technologies or any of its affiliates.


New third-party integrations are available

As part of our ongoing efforts to continuously expand API availability, we've added three new third-party integrations to Schwab Advisor Center. These high-quality, secure integrations give you streamlined access to important timesaving digital workflows and single-sign-on capabilities. Data from third-party systems preload into Schwab workflows, saving time and reducing errors by eliminating the need to rekey data, and single-sign-on integrations take you seamlessly to Schwab Advisor Center from the third-party platform of your choice.

New integrations

  • Sapphire Systems (aka Panoramix™), a financial management system provider, integrates with Schwab Advisor Center users to initiate digital account openings, digital address changes, and management fee file uploads from within Panoramix while viewing account profiles, balances, positions, statements, tax forms, and trade confirmations. These features are in addition to their existing single-sign-on capabilities.
  • Wealthbox®, a CRM provider, now has both single-sign-on and API integration that seamlessly updates the Wealthbox database with account profiles, balances, and positions from Schwab Advisor Center.
  • DNA Behavior©, a system that helps advisors build better portfolios through behavioral analysis, now has single-sign-on to Schwab Advisor Center.

Upcoming integrations

Providers that have signed agreements to join our integration program and will soon begin development include PreciseFP (prospect data collection/onboarding tool), Benjamin Technologies (AI assistant tool), and Magnifi (a TIFIN Group company that specializes in semantic searches).

July 2021 (0721-1KM9)

New tool makes annual third-party attestation easy

Important update on annual third-party data access attestation:

As part of our efforts to keep your firm's data safe, we have instituted an annual review of third-party providers that have access to your firm's Schwab Advisor Center® data. We want to update you on how this process will work and the tool we've provided to make this review quick and easy.

  • At the beginning of your review period, your firm's security advisor (FSA) will receive an email notification. 
  • Within one month of that date, your FSA, or someone else who has the appropriate security designation, must use the automated tool to review and make any needed changes to third-party data access.
  • The tool can be found on the More menu via the Data-Sharing Relationships link.
  • If this process isn't completed by the deadline, Schwab will automatically remove all third-party access from your firm's data.

We've produced an overview video explaining the policy and how it supports our ongoing efforts to maintain the highest possible security standards for your firm and clients. For a step-by-step walkthrough of the tool, consult our clickable guide. If you have questions, please contact your service team.

June 2021 (0621-1V6N)

Your FSA will receive an email at the beginning of your third-party review period. Within 30 days, your FSA or another authorized user should access the easy-to-use tool, make any required changes, and then submit an attestation confirming third-party access to your firm’s Schwab data.

Enhanced Salesforce integration

We've built two new integrations for OpenView Gateway® for Salesforce to give you more ways to simplify your interactions with clients and manage your business more effectively. Now you can use the same data you've already stored in Salesforce to populate contact information for the digital account open and digital address change tools on Schwab Advisor Center. Using a trusted data source when interacting with multiple systems gives you confidence that the information is both current and accurate, and it eliminates the need to retype data, reducing downstream errors.

Single-sign-on further streamlines your workflow by seamlessly pushing data from Salesforce into Schwab Advisor Center, alleviating the need to leave either platform to access the information you require.

June 2021 (0621-1V6N)

Connecting more providers and workflows with Schwab

We're committed to continually expanding our depth and breadth of integration capabilities, adding three vendors to our OpenView Gateway® program that will begin building integration with Schwab.

  • Advyzon – an intuitive, cloud-based platform that includes performance reporting, CRM, planning, client portal, and more.
  • Agreement Express – an onboarding automation platform for wealth management, financial services, and payments.
  • AdvisorEngine – an end-to-end client relationship and digital investment platform.

We’re also piloting a digital account open process for our custodial and third-party integration platforms, starting with Tamarac and Orion. This new workflow lets you initiate the account open process using Schwab Advisor Center® or your third-party systems, prepopulate account applications with existing client information, and send to your client for eApproval. Digital account open will be available in 2019 for Schwab One®, IRA, Schwab Charitable™, and Institutional Intelligent Portfolios® accounts and will continue to expand.

For more information on third-party integration, visit Schwab Intelligent Technologies®.

December 2018 (1218-8FPD)

Expanding our depth and breadth of key workflows with new integrations for Black Diamond®, Addepar, eMoney, and more

We’re continuing to invest in a broad range of integration options to help maximize your efficiency and choice, while going deep in our capabilities to bring essential workflows to your platforms. In addition to digital account open from Schwab Advisor Center®, Black Diamond has added new integration workflows with our platform, including:

  • Straight-through processing of management fees: With a few clicks from Black Diamond’s billing functionality, advisors can send management fees directly to Schwab Advisor Center. 
  • Digital address change: Address changes can be initiated within Black Diamond’s platform, without the need for paper forms.
  • Service requests: Advisors can now create service requests for Schwab Advisor Center teams and check the status of open cases directly from within the Black Diamond experience.
  • Straight-through processing of trades through the Financial Information eXchange network: Advisors can place trades directly from Black Diamond’s Rebalancer trading system.

In addition to the Black Diamond enhancements, we’ve also added the following digital workflow integrations with these third-party technology providers: 

Questions? Learn more about our integration capabilities, or contact us at integrationsolutions@schwab.com

September 2020 (0920-0SY0)

Black Diamond screen

Wealthbox joins more than 80 providers working with Schwab

Wealthbox, a modern CRM platform for financial advisors, has been added as a strategic API integration provider and will begin building their integration with Schwab.

Once available, their integration will allow advisors to see financial account details, positions, and transactions from accounts held at Schwab, all summarized on the contact record page in Wealthbox.

This is another example of how we’ve broadened our integration across the tech community, with more than 80 strategic providers who offer direct integration with Schwab Advisor Center®. Other recent announcements include an expanded single sign-on program with providers, including 55ipAdvicePaySapphire Software Services, and YCharts. Our continued expansion is focused on giving you the ability to work in the systems you prefer to provide the scale, efficiency and security you need to run your business.

February 2020 (0220-0G32)


New providers offer single sign-on integration to Schwab Advisor Center

The first wave of third-party technology providers who will provide new, secure single-sign on (SSO) integration to Schwab Advisor Center includes OS33, AdvicePay, Sapphire Software Services, and YCharts. The second wave of third-party providers who are building SSO integration with Schwab Advisor Center include: UNAPEN, Stratifi, LifeYield®, Kwanti, Totum Risk, and 55ip.

Advisors will benefit from a direct connection from these third-party systems into Schwab Advisor Center without a separate login, as well as seamless navigation to specific Schwab Advisor Center pages.

This solution is another example of Schwab's broad and deep integration strategy to provide advisors with solutions that help them get the most from their platforms.

Questions? Learn more about our integration capabilities, or contact us at integrationsolutions@schwab.com.

January 2020 (0120-9MZP)


Deep integration with Advyzon includes digital account open and single sign-on

Advyzon, an all-in-one cloud-based financial advisor technology platform that includes performance reporting and CRM, has now completed their deep integration with Schwab Advisor Center®. Now, in addition to daily data file downloads, advisors who use the Advyzon platform can seamlessly conduct the following workflows between Schwab and Advyzon:

  • Initiate Schwab's new digital account open workflow by passing your client data from Advyzon to Schwab Advisor Center in just a few clicks
  • Display real-time positions and balances on Schwab accounts within Advyzon
  • One-click access from Advyzon directly to Schwab Advisor Center firm and to account-level Alerts and Research
  • Digitally submit management fees to Schwab Advisor Center
  • End-client access to Schwab monthly statements and tax documents within the Advyzon client portal

This deep integration with Advyzon is an example of how we are investing in maximizing your choice and efficiency in the technology you choose to run your firm.

For more information on third-party integration, visit Schwab Intelligent Technologies®.

August 2019 (0819-9ESJ)



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